About Vanessa


Before Vanessa’s eight year old daughter Maegan died, she said, “I came here to teach people about love and about Jesus and now I have to go back home to heaven…” Though deaf and terminally ill, at eight years old, Maegan knew her purpose and felt she had fulfilled it. This inspired Vanessa to search out and fulfill her own purpose and to help others do the same. Everyone has a “someday” dream and vision for their life. This blog is about chasing your dreams so that you can, at the end of your life, be able to say (or sign) as Maegan did, “Happy Go Home.”

Personal Mission Statement

Vanessa is a prayer warrior poet, writer and Bible teacher whose mission is to inspire, encourage and motivate others to find and fulfill their unique purpose. She desires to train up forerunner messengers who will be “burning and shining lamps” in this urgent hour, seeking to know Jesus and make Him known by boldly declaring what is on His heart.


With a Bachelor of Arts degree in writing and education from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, Vanessa’s articles have appeared in Today’s Christian Woman and Guidepost magazines. She received ministry training at the Berean School of the Bible, as well as Victory Bible Institute School of Worship. A graduate of C.L.A.S.S. (Christian Leaders Authors and Speakers Services), she enjoys speaking at churches, conferences and retreats on the subjects of prayer and purpose. After serving as Young Adult Pastor and Intercessory Prayer Coordinator at Coweta Assembly of God Church, Vanessa helped establish Remnant House of Prayer in 2008, where she served as Director for more than five years. Vanessa’s current “assignment” is to spend a season of training at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, preparing to be “sent out” to pioneer other houses of prayer in other cities and regions of the earth. She recently received a Master’s degree in Education Curriculum and Instruction at the University of Missouri Kansas City and is currently pursuing a Phd, while teaching middle and junior high school Bible classes at Forerunner Christian Academy.

Prayer and Ministry Assignments:

  1. Keeping a 24/7 sanctuary of worship with prayer (the International House of Prayer in Kansas City has kept a “watch of the Lord” with continuous worship and prayer since September 19, 1999.)
  2. Calling people to the first commandment and intimacy with Jesus, our Bridegroom God
  3. Training up forerunner messengers to prepare others for the unique dynamics of the end-times
  4. Praying for ministry leaders and strengthening the Praying Church by helping to establish a praying culture in churches and communities
  5. Partnering in intercession for the salvation and deliverance of Native Americans

Join our ministry team!

You can partner with Vanessa in this assignment here:

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Tax-deductible donations may also be mailed to:

Vanessa VanCleave, Frontier Missions, P.O. Box 682, Grandview, MO 64030

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